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Traveler Tricks and Tips for Your Hong Kong Trip

Traveler Tricks and Tips for Your Hong Kong Trip

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There are ways to enjoy your Hong Kong trip much better than the usual touristy runs. While technically you are a tourist in this amazing city, these tricks and tips we are giving you will let you enjoy your stay just as Hong Kong should. Residents know these as the best way to not only enjoy, but actually live here.

You might be here for just three days or a week, but you’d still want to be able to say you know the way to live in Hong Kong. So, it might be a challenge to you to do these things in the short time you are here. But then again, these are actually the easier things to do. 


Go Local When It Eating

Virtually everywhere you go in Hong Kong you will find small restaurants catering to locals. The street food stalls are also omnipresent, and they typically offer hot, cheap and delicious food. There are truly exotic dishes here, since this city, after all, is Chinese, and a lot of imports from other provinces and cooking cultures have come and stayed in Hong Kong.

The daily specials will be an easy pick when you dine in the smaller restaurants. Some may even be special, when, for instance, they have a great cook from the provinces paying off debts by slaving in the confines of small kitchens. Nothing wrong with this, it’s the Chinese way. They do it to establish name and reputation. 

Of course there are fine dining locations, still local, just don’t go into places with “global” brands, like MacDonald’s. While they still offer the usual from their own menus, they are for tourists who do not know better. Remember that everything consumable here can be your passport to culinary heaven or an adventure. And if you have a local as guide, you can definitely eat like a king and spend like a pauper. 


Make Good Use of Public Transport

Hong Kong is a dedicated tourist city, and its transport system has so many things to choose from. Some of these are old and traditional, like the funicular to Victoria Peak and the double-deckers (yes, they’re still there and can take you everywhere — and when you do ride one, go to the top immediately, the view from there is really worth it).  

Still others are new and high-tech, like the 360 cable car at Ngong Ping. Disneyland offers another kind of paid transport, but it does count as a tourist conveyance. This said, touristy rides in the public mode are not to be ignored.

Take the Star Ferry — these days its ships and routes have been modernized to maximize on the tourist trade. You simply cannot miss the Star Ferry Harbour Tour – Symphony of Lights. Just an hour long, when you go on this trip, you will be stepping into the most romantic and beautiful short cruise, possibly in the whole world. 


Keep on Walking

Yes, stay healthy while doing things like shopping. When in Hong Kong, one of the best sports is the shop till you drop variety. You can go high end or to more common locations, but in the end you will probably have a better bargain for things like hand-tooled Italian loafers or beautiful trinkets to give to folks back home. 


Walk off a good meal by going to nearby places of interest. You don’t have to walk fast — a slow, leisurely stroll is best. You can see the sights at street level, which has its own fascinating perspective. Rub elbows with people here, the friendliest in China — and befriending anybody here, especially the small commercial operators, can make your walk that much more beneficial — you may get freebies or discounts.


Choose the Best High End or Economy Locations

For the money, there are only a handful of great hotel accommodations here, despite the fact that there are hundreds to choose from. They range from the truly opulent and obscenely expensive (and impractical) to the cheapest ones found in run-down buildings. 

When you want to economize, the City Oasis Guesthouse is arguably the best place to stay in. For the time when you have a budget worth spending, try Grand Hyatt Hotel, with its comfortable, spacious rooms, romantic views and a truly amazing pool.

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